The Start-Up Guide To Manufacturing

Goes on sale in Feb 2018. See new site for more info.

  •     Avoid manufacturing blunders
  •     Build accurate budgets and timelines
  •     Learn from real-life case studies
  •     Demystify design-for-manufacturing
  •     Engage the best vendors


CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve crafted the finest (and only!) Internet-connected mustache comb. And you’ve managed to put together an awesome prototype that works every time. Then you built three more just to prove you could do it. If you had to, you could probably build twenty of them. But could you build a thousand? How about one hundred thousand?
To reach the low price that consumers have come to expect, you must produce a large quantity of your product in an efficient way so that the individual price becomes low. To set up efficient production you must design your product with care, select the right materials, choose appropriate fabrication processes, and invest in expensive tooling. Is this easy? No, but it is possible.